Langside students light up the stage in a performance of The Wizard of Oz

The cast gathering together for their final musical number.

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way; I have never before seen The Wizard of Oz. 

It’s just something I never really had an interest in, though that being said, it is such a pop culture icon that even before seeing this show I could probably have relayed the entire story to anyone without skipping any info. 

Anyway, I heard that the students at Langside Campus of Glasgow Clyde College were performing a version of the classic that was written by the talented Isobelle-Jane Letters. I knew it was going to be the first time I had experienced the Wizard of Oz because I knew I just couldn’t miss the show. 

Now having seen their show the previous year with different students, I knew roughly what to expect, and I had high expectations. 

I was not disappointed, in fact, very much the opposite, I was very impressed. 

The cast was remarkable, and too large to give credit to everyone, despite each individual member deserving it as much as every other. The show was led by Natacha Baker, who performed remarkably, supported by an entourage of equally-skilled actors. 

The main entourage: L-R: Abbie Robertson as the Cowardly Lion, Jack Watson as Toto, Andrew McLeish as Tinman, and Mitchell Robertson as Scarecrow

The chemistry amongst the actors created something of a safe-space on stage, you could almost see something of each individual person appearing on the stage during each interaction. 

The writing featured elements of that classic Scottish sense of humour that makes shows of this type so engaging. The jokes ranged from cheeky to light-hearted and everything in between, each one shining on its own through the use of comedic timing and picking the right actors to deliver these lines.  

Again, the humour shone through very strongly, the children who attended the show were loving it. Plenty of engaging moments made the whole building come alive with the shouts of the little children, and the bigger children too. 

The costumes, designed by Victor Kennedy, were both faithful to the original works, with some additions and differences to make them interesting and entertaining to look at. 

I would like to make a special mention of the energy put into the performance by every cast member, no matter how big or small their part was. Everyone came together to deliver a performance strong enough to rival even the biggest of professional of pantomimes. 

I have high hopes for all of these actors and the crew that supported them and look forward to seeing them fulfill their dreams in the future. Even though they are students right now, I fully believe that they already have what it takes to make it even further in the world of show-business. 

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