“I could still not believe he was gone” – a poem about losing a father

Father and daughter

Valentina and her father in 2002.

I could still not believe he was gone 

He was lying there dead, so peaceful and happy that I just wanted to go with him. 


But there I was in front of so many people that loved my father 

There we were, to say our lasts words to the greatest man alive 

It was so unfair it didn’t seem real. 


I made jokes, about his bad taste in football 

Although he taught me everything I know. 

I laugh at his music taste 

Although he supported me when I was a One Direction fan 

I made jokes of him being always late 

Although he was always there  


Valentina reunited with her parents in the summer 2018, after 6 months apart.

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I still can’t believe you’re gone 

I miss your smell 

I miss your hugs 

I miss your kisses 

I miss your love. 


What keeps me alive is remembering your laugh 

All the moments we lived  

All the love I received  


And deep down, I know you’re in a better place,  

But the world is sadder without you 

Forever dad, T’estimo   


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