New Baby Grant Paid £2.7m to Over 7,000 Scottish Families

£2.7m has been paid out to Scottish households since the launch of the Best Start Pregnancy and Baby Grant in December helping over 7,000 families. 

Over 14,000 applications were made between Monday 10 December and Thursday 31 January 2019 for the top-up benefit which was recently devolved to the Scottish Parliament.  

Up to £600 can be claimed by each parent or carer with the money going towards essential baby items such as clothes, a pram, books etc.  

The grant is awarded to new parents by the Scottish Government

The grant has paid out more money to households across Scotland in under two months of its operation, which is more than what the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) benefit, which it replaced, paid out in a year.  

Shirley-Anne Sommerville, Cabinet Secretary for Social Security, said:” The response we have had to the New Best Start Grant is absolutely exceptional and I am delighted that we have now issued over £2.7m of payments since the benefit opened in December.  

“This substantial increase in support for expectant families and new babies shows what can be achieved if we take a different approach to social security.” 

The financial year of 2017/2018, the UK Government has paid out a total of £2m of Sure Start Maternity Grant Payments in Scotland.  

So far around two thirds of applications have been awarded a payment.  

Parents and carers are also eligible for the grant if they are the mother of the child, her partner, or have a young mother who is dependent on, and get certain qualifying benefits.  

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