Tinder Take-Over

Tinder, is a magical place for some. Modern love can now be found at the tip of your finger. Love letters have now been replaced with provocative pictures and ‘sexting’. You design your profile and distance so you match with people who are closer to you. You swipe right and go on dates with people whose pictures you deem attractive and are at their best, and at worst? You swipe left to easily avoid the creeps. The glorious app came into our lives in 2012 registering millions of swipes a day – an online hotbed for strangers to have a quick hook-up which comes along with hilarious and cheesy opening lines to thirsty requests. Tinder can be a great way to inject some humour into your day. 

If you’re a singleton, looking to meet people for serious dating or casual hook-ups, or whatever life presents you, make your first photo one of you. Maybe include a picture from a previous night out and is non-sociopathic. Write a bio with a few lines with a bit about yourself and what you’re looking for.  

The app that controls our dating lives, and sometimes our social lives too.

As students, we are often told that college and university is a time for us to expand our social groups, to meet new people and grow into adults. However, the indecisiveness that is built into dating app culture can stunt us – we’re trapped in an endless cycle of swipes! commitment, already a scary concept for many, becomes even more difficult with the false illusion that the dating possibilities are endless. 

Frankly speaking, dating apps can also just make things incredibly entertaining. I remember I received a message from a man who said: “Hey, what are you doing on here, Tinderella?” Mortified to say the least.  

“Tinder sucks” I said. But I can’t stop swiping. 


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