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Students at Glasgow Clyde College to host Fairtrade event

Students at Glasgow Clyde College are hosting an event designed to increase knowledge of Fairtrade and it’s benefits for people around the world.

In a recent survey conducted by HND Media & Communications students, it was found that 30% of students within the college have not heard of Fairtrade.

The aim of the event is to celebrate the college’s Fairtrade status since 2017, raise awareness of what Fairtrade can do for the lives of farmers, as well as the benefits of switching to Fairtrade products.

Hosted by a group of six students, known as ‘Bean 2 Cup’, the event will cover the journey of the coffee bean from its growth in developing countries to its travels around the world.

Bean 2 Cup recently visited local coffee supplier Italian Aroma to speak with owner, Billy Miller, about his organization Coffee Conscience and the impact of Fairtrade.

The event, which is due to take place on 25th February, will focus on the people – particularly women – who grow the cocoa used in the chocolate bars we love.


Students visit Italian Aroma factory to speak to Billy Miller about his organization Coffee Conscience. Credit: Caitlin Sharkey and Maia Wright

“A lot of people don’t understand just how important buying Fairtrade actually is.” 20-year-old ‘Bean 2 Cup’ member Maia Wright says. “We hope to raise awareness of Fairtrade and show people how easy and fun it can be to make simple switches to Fairtrade products.”

Held on the first day of ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’, the event will host a raffle, games and food taster sessions. There will also be information on who Fairtrade helps, coffee collective Coffee Conscious and some great Fairtrade treats.

You can keep up-to-date with Bean 2 Cup by following them on their official Instagram page, @bean2cupglasgow.

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