The life of a stressed student journalist


Who says being a college student is not stressful? Not anyone I know.  

With a high workload, demanding deadlines and the financial pressure, being a student is not all fun and games like you see in the movies. Some of us not only have to study, but have to work part time to earn a living.  

Getting the best grade as possible is important if you’re still in education, meaning that a lot of studying, late nights and missing out on fun is required. Going home and relaxing is not always the case; if you’re like me then you can probably relate. I wish I could just go home and chill out on the front of the couch with a cup of tea after a day in class. Instead, as soon as l leave college have to rush to catch the bus home and get ready for my evening shift as a customer service advisor in a call centre.  

Having a job does have its perks. For me it’s about having independence, not having to rely on anyone for cash and having the freedom to go out and spend the money that I have worked hard to earn – although most of it goes to online shopping and buying clothes that I actually don’t need.  

These days I feel like I don’t really have much of a life, after a long day all I want is to have time to myself and relax and leave any worries at the front door.  

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There have been times where I have been so stressed out and have said to myself: “‘I can’t do this anymore.”  

People sometimes ask what I have to be so worked up about, but they don’t understand. Being a secondyear student journalist is not easy peasey and it’s not always about writing stories. It is a demanding course and can be hard work and very time consuming. I’m constantly trying to keep up with the heavy loads of homework from almost every class and studying for exams – which I have to say, I’m dreading –and trying to find the time to fit in work experience. I sometimes feel my head is about to explode. 


Stressed out student

The thing that annoys me most is when people seem to think that working in a call centre is a walk in a park just because you sit in front of a computer screen and answer calls. It’s not as easy as many think: dealing with customers is not always a pleasant experience, especially if they’re calling up to have a moan about something that’s not even a big deal. Trust me, I’ve had a few in my time.  

But you know what they say  you always have to deliver service with a smile. In call centre terms just try and sound happy and positive and pretend that you love your job while in reality your burning with rage.  

According to an National Union of Students (NUS) survey, 87% of students experienced stress, 77% experienced anxiety and 48% experienced panic. The NUS survey also defined the top triggers of stress among students and included deadlines (65%), exams (54%), financial difficulties (47%), accommodation (28%), social pressures (27%) and homesickness (22%), among others. 

Life is too short to always been stressing – I have slowly realised that you have to live every day to the fullest. Of course, studying and working to try and better your life is important so is having time for yourself and relax. Surround yourself with people with a positive energy, there is nothing worse than being surrounding by people who have a negative vibe and are not supportive. If you know someone in the same boat as you know then band together and support each other. It’s not hard to reach out for help. 

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