Renfrewshire kids help launch month long Big Spring Clean

big spring clean

Primary school kids taking part in the Big Spring Clean

More than 500 pupils across 16 schools in Renfrewshire have taken part in the Big Spring Clean, helping to clean up their local area. 

Run by the Team Up to Clean Up campaign, the Big Spring Clean is designed to make Renfrewshire a more attractive place to live and work while educating young people on what damage litter can cause to the environment. 

With a £2.5million investment, the campaign has greatly benefited Renfrewshire’s local environment, seeing an increase in road sweeping, drain cleaning and litter picking. Rapid Response teams have also been enhanced. 

Councillor Cathy McEwan, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board, said: We’re delighted to have the support of our schools as part of the campaign as we need to ensure that the next generations understand why they should think twice before littering. 

We’re working hard as a council, and as a community, to ensure Renfrewshire is cleaner and by ensuring our pupils are aware of the campaign and what it means, we will help reduce the amount of litter on our streets. “ 

The huge investment has provided local communities with gloves, litter picks, bags and hoops to allow them to take part in clean ups. The rubbish collected is removed by the council’s Wardens Service and Street Scene team. 

So far more than 50 clean ups have been arranged, encouraging all to take part or to arrange their own clean ups within their area.  

The event is expected to continue throughout April.

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