Happy 70th Birthday NATO, time to retire.


Valentina Clavell discusses her opinion of NATO and it’s relationship with Scotland.

How’s NATO for Scotland? 

Well, where do I start? NATO is about to celebrate its 70th birthday and in my opinion, it shouldn’t have passed its 20th. 

I understand NATO was necessary at the time, but after the Warsaw pact it should have been eradicated. Instead, it kept growing and growing, becoming the biggest military organisation in the world.  

NATO threatens democracy; their decisions are made outside the EU, UN, or any other democratic parliament. It owns 80% of all the military armament in the whole world imagine having that much power… 

The United States of America have nuclear weapons based in OTAN territory. Guess where that is? 

It’s in Europe, making us an easy target in the case of a nuclear war. 

NATO is a massive rightwing organisation that only cares about the richest country’s (USA), do you think they will care about Scotland? Do we really want the Scottish future in Donald Trump’s hands? Aye get tae f**k .  

But being in the NATO isn’t cheap, and the public pay for it. They force you to invest more and more of the public budget into military – money that could have gone to more benefits, better education, or a hundred other things more productive.  

We are investing in wars that remind me of the medieval ages.  

Of course all this is my humble opinion, and my delusional wish that one day weapons and wars are extinguished from this earth. I think by funding and celebrating wars, the only thing that we are doing is causing more deaths, more tears, more blood and tearing families apart.  

War destroys homes and then we complain about all the people who come to us asking for help and shelter. If you don’t want refugees, stop creating them! 

I hope and pray that an independent Scotland doesn’t enter NATO: we don’t need it. We will call William Wallace for protection.  

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