Shawn Mendes lights up Glasgow

My favourite Canadian boy was coming to Glasgow, and I was so gutted I didn’t have tickets, but on the same day of the concert, a magic fairytale AKA my friend that works for Ticketmaster, sent me a message saying that he had got me two FREE tickets to go and see the most beautiful human being on earth.

There I am screaming my lungs out, in the middle of my new room full of boxes, because I was moving into my new flat without being able to believe that I had tickets for the Shawn Mendes concert.

I phoned my best friend, told him to wear something fancy because we were going to meet my husband, and we went to the SSE Hydro.

The seats were fantastic, we were in Level 2 and we had the second stage right in front of us, the atmosphere was full of excitement, people were crying, screaming, and there was I looking all around still having to pinch myself to believe that I was there.

The stage suddenly got all lighted up, it was show time, 20.34 and he came up on stage and the first notes for “Lost in Japan” started to play, and I nearly fainted, when I saw the silhouette of Shawn Mendes as he approximated to the microphone and the first words left his mouth.

Do you got plans tonight?

I’m a couple of hundred miles from Japan, and I”

For the next 90 minutes, he performed all his new songs from the album “Lost in Japan” and even a cover of “Fix you” by Coldplay.

But the most magical moment of the evening I think it was when he opened up about his anxiety and his struggles, bravely confessing that this concert was his first one in ages that he didn’t take his medication, and he reminded us to be kind to one and other, that the world is already mean enough for us to make it worst.

The show finished at 22.06 and it felt like a slap of reality, the show was finished and we were meant to move on with our lives,but what Shawn Mendes did that night was magic, he was able to change the lives of 13.000 people,

Thank you.

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