“We’re trying our best! We’re a force that tries!” – they tried, but did Starbomb succeed?


Dan, Brian and Arin, the Tryforce is complete

The wait is finally over: the true hero has been chosen. He is the one that holds… THE TRYFORCE! 

‘The Tryforce’, the third and potentially final album of comedy supergroup Starbomb was released on April 19 2019. 

Starbomb was formed in 2013 between Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht of the comedy band, Ninja Sex Party (NSP), and famous internet personality Arin Hanson. 

Hanson and Avidan also work together on Game Grumps, a YouTube comedy channel in which they play various video games and commentate over them usually in an effort to make each other laugh. 

Possibly the best work they have produced so far, the production method for ‘The Tryforce’ has been different from the previous albums. This time the band only gave themselves a day to write and produce each track on the record. 

They brought in TWRP (Tupper Ware Remix Party, pronounced: “Twerp”), NSP’s backing and touring band, as well as independent musicians who have their own catalogue of material. 

The album holds up well on its own, however it is better to listen to the previous albums Starbomb and Player Select before listening to this one: the musical journey they have taken becomes apparent and more appreciated. 


Released on 19th of April, this album is the culmination of 4 years’ work

The main highlight of the album is Vegeta’s Serenade.’ For the first time, Arin takes up a singing role. This works surprisingly well considering his main role was to rap in previous albums. 

The album definitely has a more mature feel to it: in terms of the musicality, it certainly sounds like they have progressed as a group. That being said, there are a lot of recurring themes to tie this newest venture in with the older albums, such as the recurring song: The Simple Plot Of [Game Title].’ The previous albums had Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid respectively, while this record named Kingdom Hearts. 

The album contains a third Legend of Zelda song, titled: A Boy and His Boat.’ Previously, they’ve penned ‘It’s Dangerous to Go Alone and The Hero of Rhyme. 

It does feel like another Starbomb album in terms of themes, which is a great thing. 

This album is in no way a bad album, it still had some laughs and the music sounds great. Not to mention that they still manage to contain a few surprises that show how hard they are working at making every album feel like its own entity. 

Despite wrestling with a desire to not re-hash all the same jokes and re-use the same game titles, the album contains a load of originality, combined with a newer, better sound. It is definitely an album that is worth purchasing – or at least streaming on Spotify.  

If childish, Video Game-based humour is your type of thing, you won’t find much better than Starbomb. 

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