Top 3 shows to watch – after exam season

Have you run out of RuPaul Drag Race episodes or finished that white girl telenovela Riverdale? Are you looking for new things to watch? Here are my top three shows to watch.


Tiff is a New York girl – during the day she’s a grad student, and at night she turns into Mistress May, a dominatrix. Don’t worry though, she’s nicer to her customers than Theresa May is with this country.

What I liked about the show was the introspection into the sex workers world; normalizing their lives, showing that any of us could be a sex worker, and most importantly, opening a debate about a topic that has always been taboo. Without realizing I watched the whole season in one go. The episodes are short, around 15 minutes, so you can watch them at your break at work, school, on the train – anywhere, darling.



Ryan, who has Cerebral Palsy, is an unpaid intern at Eggwork magazine. He’s had to come out twice in his life – once, as a gay man, and the other (which was the hardest), as disabled. The show sees him evolving as a character, alongside his mother, an overprotective single woman who really cant picture herself without her beloved, spoiled son.

Episodes are again only around 15 minutes, and they’re funny and interesting enough to get you addicted, fast. Can’t wait for the second season!



Found on BBC Iplayer, Pose is everything I needed in a television show. We’ve all heard about RuPaul’s Drag Race, but this is where it all began. This is a dance musical that explores the American Black LGTBIQ+ community, the ball culture world where drags and gays performed every week. But it doesn’t stop there – this show also portrays AIDS in a way that we have never seen it before, discusses transsexuality and how the society hides them until they needed to spice up their game in bed.

Episodes are an hour long, but they definitely don’t feel like it – I certainly didn’t notice I’d spent the whole day procrastinating until I noticed it was dark outside.


I recommend you watch these shows after exam season. Please, study, I am not taking responsibility should you fail for getting addicted.

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