Get to know Alex Kerr, EFAy young candidate from Scotland

Today we have a quiet sit down with Alex Kerr, Youngest candidate for the MEP’s list for this European Elections.

In this video Alex has been challenged to tough questions from the members of  Young Sots for Independence, the SNP youth wing, he has also undertake a EU quiz, and the we have followed him on a hard day of canvassing and campaigning.

Alex has been canvassing since the list of candidates was published, he has also visited different communities to secure votes, and attended University Q&A’s, all this juggling with his Full time job as officer manager for Christina McKelvie, an MSP for Hamilton, being convener of his Shettleston Branch and being an open university student.

Mr Kerr is only 24 years old, and he is convinced that he can give the youth voice in Brussels, he is going to fight of a Scotland in Europe, and to make sure the youth won’t suffer the consequences of what he says is a “Brexit Catastrophe”.

Alongside with Candidates Alyn Smith, Christian Allard, Aileen McLeod, Margaret Ferrier, Heather Anderson who their campaign motto is “STOP BREXIT”.

Make sure you are registered to vote for the 23rd of May and have your say!

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