‘A lot of tea and panicking’ is behind Kaite Welsh’s new book

Kaite Welsh

Kaite Welsh at the Glasgow launch of The Unquiet Heart.

Watch the video to learn what Kaite Welsh she has in common with her main character.

Scottish author Kaite Welsh has just launched the new book of her 19th century mystery series.

The Edinburgh-based writer met readers at a small event last week hosted by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow on Monday.

She read some passages from The Unquiet Heart, the second book of the Sarah Gilchrist series, following the release of The Wages of Sin in 2017.

The book follows main character Sarah as she finds herself defending her fiancé Miles, whom she has no intention of marrying, when he is arrested for a murder she’s sure he didn’t commit.

A family’s dark past is uncovered, and Sarah has to reconnect with her mercurial professor, Gregory Merchiston, a character that never ceases to spark the interest of readers.

Kaite shared some insight into her writing process and passion, “It involves a lot of tea and panicking, if I’m honest,” she said.

Kaite Welsh

Kaite Welsh at the Glasgow launch of The Unquiet Heart.

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She explained how she carries out a lot of research ahead of a new book, and how she likes to be well-organised, instead of creatively chaotic like her wife.

She told the Clyde Outside: “My writing process usually starts with, particularly for the Sarah Gilchrist books, an idea of the emotional journey that I want her to go through as a character.

“And that kinda expands to the world that I want to put her in, the different aspects of 19th century Edinburgh that I want to explore.”

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The first book of the series explores the issue of sex work in Victorian Scotland, while The Unquiet Heart looks into the role of servants in middle and upper-class families in the 19th Century.

“The Fate of Empires, which is the next book, looks at colonialism and the experience of Indian students at Edinburgh,” she added.

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About her love for writing, the author and journalist said: “I’ve always written, even since I was very little.”

She shared: “The sign that my parents really believed in me is that when I was ten years old my dad made me sign a contract, written in green crayon, promising him 50% of my royalties.

“Joke’s on him because I haven’t earned out my royalties yet, he’ll be waiting a while.”

You can buy Kaite’s books in Waterstones or online on Amazon.

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