Chloe Duffy

I am a student journalist in my second year at college looking for my way in the world. I particularly enjoy writing features, opinion pieces and reviews. I am interested in politics, debates, LGBT culture, activism, art, film, the paranormal, comedy, Harry Potter and books. And my sexuality can be explained with a felixi – ruler.

Sun set to rise on Ferguslie

  Ferguslie Park. An area thought to be rife with drugs, poverty, gangs and violence. Yet despite the recent SIMD reports that have declared Ferguslie Park ‘the most deprived area in Scotland’. However, members of the Community Council and women’s group ‘SWIFT’ see a vastly different side of Feegie’ not often shown in the media. The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) is report based on the council areas in

Glasgow Orchestral Society presents Bernstein’s America

Glasgow Orchestral Society presents Bernstein’s America will be coming to Paisley’s Town Hall on the 18th of March. The event will be celebrating 100 years of American composer Leonard Bernstein with a concert at Paisley Town Hall. He was one of the few composers that captured his time and found his “voice” in the early 1940s. Bernstein projected his sound from World War II to ever-changing Europe which saw the

Edinburgh tech company launch Renfrewshire maths contest

  Edinburgh based education Technology Company, Sumdog is proud to announce the launch of a local maths contest in Renfrewshire. Sumdog aims to help children enjoy maths, English and spelling. Renfrewshire students will work as a class to solve up to 1,000 maths questions on ‘Sumdog’, an adaptive teaching tool that is designed to make numeracy and literacy learning fun and is used in 70% of schools in Scotland. The

The transition from woman to man, Egyptian to Glaswegian

The story of Adam is an extraordinary one. Not only did he change gender and country. He used his experiences to discover a passion he never even knew he had. Acting. His story, like a lot of Tran’s children, started off with confusing signs that he was somehow trapped in the wrong body. He said: “I dreamt that I was a boy when I was 8/9 years old. In my

Historic walks take place in Paisley

Historic walks in Paisley provided by the Urban Historian will be taking place every Saturday and Sunday at noon from February 17th to June 16th. This Saturday the tour will take you through the Thomas Street Fergulsie Thread Mills Heritage Walk. Where you will get to explore the remains of the thread mills and Fergulsie estate. The walks will set off from the Abbey Nursery. The Ferguslie Thread Works were

Paisley filmmaker creates film about the town's rich history

Filmmaker Paul Mothersole’s, short film about the history of Paisley entitled ‘My Paisley’ was uploaded to You Tube on the 9th of January of last year and has already gained over 3,200 views. The film is unique in the sense that it took an unfinished film of the same title made by Falcouner Houston that made the original in the 60’s with children he taught. The children in the original

Boiler malfunction set off fire alarms at the Cardonald campus

By Chloe Duffy, Scott Bevan and David King A boiler malfunction set off the fire alarms at the Cardonald campus of Glasgow Clyde College earlier this week. Fire alarms were set off across the campus when steam poured from a warehouse located outside the boiler rooms at around 10:30 on Tuesday morning.  The incident occurred after a temporary boiler’s pipes malfunctioned. Hundreds of students and staff were evacuated from the


Elsagate is the name of the latest scandal to hit social media. For years people have largely been blind to a major problem on You Tube. Most parents assume that You Tube will filter out all inappropriate content so that it is not seen by their children and if you assume that allowing your children to only watch videos on the You Tube Kids app you are also wrong. In