Connor Dunphy

Connor enjoys the arts, including brutalism, Bay Area rap, as well as the strongest art of all: Fighting. He hopes you enjoy his various, unending thoughts on these subjects and more.


The amount of older people working in jobs with zero-hour contracts is increasing, according to figures. xThe statistics from the Office of National Statistics shows that while people aged 16-24 are still the group who most frequently work under zero-hour contracts, at 7.8%, second place has been taken by people aged 65 or over, who went from 2.7% between October-December 2016 to a whopping upgrade to 4% between April-June 2017.

In memory of Dale Winton

The relationship we have with the people on our television screens is one that can be hard to illustrate. More often than not, we don’t know them, we never have and never will meet them, they’re just there on the tele. Yet being so present on something we focus our attention on for hours at a time per day ends up meaning something. It’s why I find myself feeling some

Scotland’s LGBT community will be highlighted in a photography exhibition

Scotland’s LGBT community will be highlighted in a photography exhibition that is opening in the University of the West of Scotland tomorrow. Queer Champions, a display of black and white portraits of people within Scotland who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans or otherwise under the umbrella of Queer, has been set up by British gay photographer Ajamu X in association with Street Level photography, the Equality Network, and Outspoken

'Reclaim the Night' march against abuse of women goes through Paisley High Street

  People took to the streets in Paisley last night as part of Renfrewshire’s participation in a campaign against gender-based violence. The Reclaim the Night march marked the beginning of the “16 days of action” campaign for elimination of violence against women. A crowd gathered outside of the Paisley campus of University of West of Scotland at around 6 P.M. Some banged on drums, going with the theme of “March