Connor Dunphy

“He is big but he is very stupid and like all of the Americans he has not studied serious wrestling.” – Akira Maeda 前田 日明
Connor is a big boy, and he enjoys the arts, including brutalism, Bay Area rap, as well as the strongest art of all: Fighting. He hopes you enjoy his various, unending thoughts on these subjects and more.

Reclaim the Night march Against Women Abuse Goes Through Paisley High Street

  People took to the streets in Paisley last night as part of Renfrewshire’s participation in a campaign against gender-based violence.The Reclaim the Night march marked the beginning of the “16 days of action” campaign for elimination of violence against women. A crowd gathered outside of the Paisley campus of University of West of Scotland at around 6 P.M. Some banged on drums, going with the theme of “March to