Darren McConachie

Darren McConachie is both Sports Editor/Managing Editor. He enjoys sports, reading and watching movies and communicating with people via the medium of social media through Twitter. He is the second man in the world to experience a McConnaissance.

It's Gonna be a Long, Hot Summer: The Return of Love Island

Love Island has returned back to our screens for the fourth season and promises once again to deliver a long, hot summer of romance, arguments and deception. It has become a really popular show over the last three years and more people this year opted to try their luck in a Majorcan villa than to apply to Oxford or Cambridge. This has left many people feeling that it shows where

Scottish Student Journalism Award nominee Sean McAngus speaks exclusively to DMTV

The Scottish Student Journalism Awards are being held tonight at St Andrew’s in the Square and so to celebrate we interviewed Podcast of the Year nominee Sean McAngus to gather his thoughts ahead of the big event. Through the interview Sean reveals how excited he is to be attending the night as well as his hopes for the future. The nineteen-year-old has shown great promise during his stint on ‘Covering

SSJA Nightly Recap

The Scottish Student Journalism Awards took place last Wednesday evening at the beautiful St Andrews in the Square. It was a night to be remembered for all the right reasons as Glasgow Clyde College would once again be crowned Publication of the Year as well as some individual glory being bestowed amongst some very deserving people. The night started with a red carpet drinks reception and so I found myself

Westworld Season 1 Review

HBO is well known for its fantastic shows including The Sopranos and Game of Thrones. The latest offering from their ever-growing well of fantasy fiction is Westworld based on the Michael Crichton movie of the same name. The action begins with a seemingly innocent girl named Delores (Evan Rachel Wood) dropping her groceries before being assisted by the hero of the hour Teddy. Soon it becomes clear, that all is

Greatest XI never to win the Champions League

Clyde Outside sports editor Darren McConachie gives his greatest XI to never win the Champions League: GK- Gianluigi Buffon Perhaps the man in this team the most unlucky never to have won the Champions League having starred in three finals, his last a humbling defeat to Real Madrid in Cardiff in June. Although never winning the Champions League may hurt, Buffon can console himself with the various trophies in his