Hannah Gunn

Student Journalist. Before studying I travelled and lived abroad in Australia, New Zealand and Asia for a few years. My favourite topics to write about are social and cultural issues in the UK and overseas.

VOTE: Journalism students write articles on the rail sector and want you to vote for your favourite

Glasgow Clyde College’s journalism students have been challenged, by top rail contractor QTS, to write an article on some of the main issues affecting the rail sector today. The group, of talented second year HND students, who are based at the college’s Cardonald campus, were given three topics to choose from: Women in rail, an engineering skills gap in the rail industry or developing the young workforce. Each students article

Loneliness is causing elderly Scots mental health problems, new research suggests

A quarter of Scots over 65 have experienced mental health issues as a result of loneliness, according to new research by two leading charities. The survey, carried out by Age Scotland and The Mental Health Foundation Scotland, has revealed that up to 120,000 elderly people could be suffering from undiagnosed depression during periods when they feel lonely. This news follows another revelation earlier this month which showed that 80,000 older

Scottish nurses at ‘breaking point’ over pay, reveals shocking report

A new survey by the Royal College of Nursing Scotland (RCN) has revealed that 74 per cent of nursing staff in Scotland believe they are financially worse off than they were five years ago. The worrying survey, which 800 nursing staff across Scotland took part in, also found that four in 10 nurses are losing sleep over financial worries, and almost the same number are searching for a new job,

Feeling cold today? Coorie in and hear about Cosagach – Scotland’s answer to Danish lifestyle trend Hygge

‘Cosagach’ has been dubbed the Scots version of ‘Hygge’, the snuggly Scandi concept which swept across the world in 2016, and according to Scottish tourism bosses it could be the best way to attract more tourism to the country. The Gaelic term means: ‘feeling snug, sheltered and warm’ according to VisitScotland, who claim that the idea could encourage winter tourism across the country, known for its wild, beautiful landscapes and