Reii Violet

Reii is a 23 year-old student journalist with a penchant for video games, horror & the bizarre.

Scottish Student Journalism Awards sees great success for Glasgow Clyde College

The Scottish Student Journalism Awards 2018 saw great success for Glasgow Clyde College Students, as they swept up a number of prestigious awards. The event, which was held at Glasgow’s St Andrew’s in the Square on Wednesday, June 30th, was host to more than 200 students, academics and industry professionals. The Awards, organised by the HND Media and Communication students from Glasgow Clyde College, have been running successfully for the

Life on Pause: Waiting for Answers

I want to write about something that has occupied every space in my mind for months, but began ten or so years ago. Before I begin, a quick trigger warning; what follows is a discussion of reproductive health issues, fertility, health procedures, sexual assault and rape. It wont be an easy read, and it certainly hasn’t been easy to write, but, I feel as though it’s a opportunity to open up

The Ethereal Illustrations of Lucy Turner

About the artist:   Lucy Turner, 35, is a self-taught artist and mother of two, based in Paisley. Her works often feature surreal looking faces with large, enchanting eyes, accentuated by a beautiful, yet subtle, watercolour palette. Lucy uses a number of mediums for her art, including Winsor and Newton Watercolours, gouache paint, ink and coloured pencils. Fond of the subject at school but without any formal training, Lucy began

Mattel Unveils Tomb Raider Barbie

Since her release in 1959, Barbie has had many professions; Musician, astronaut, even a broadcast reporter. Now, she’s going to be an archaeologist and Tomb Raider. Just in time for the cinematic release of the new Tomb Raider film, doll maker Mattel has unveiled a Lara Croft Barbie based on actress Alicia Vikander. The new film follows in the footsteps of the 2013 origin story reboot game, which saw Lara

Overwatch enthusiasts rejoice over new fan-favourite

Rumours had been circulating for weeks that Blizzard Entertainment were in the process of developing a new hero for Overwatch, and with every small snippet of information released came an abundance of fan theories. Perhaps the most popular of which was that the new hero would be the daughter of Swedish engineer, Torbjörn Lindholm. On February 28th this theory was confirmed as the introduction of Brigitte Lindholm was announced, at

Night in the Woods: Weird Autumn Edition announced

Narrative adventure game, Night in the Woods, is getting a new director’s cut called Night in the Woods: Weird Autumn.  The new version of the game will feature a range of new content, including two previously released supplemental games, Longest Night and Lost Constellation, which were previously only available as free downloads on PC. For those who already own the game, Weird Autumn will be a free patch available to