Paisley 2021 & Beyond

December 7th of last year didn’t quite go to plan for Paisley. After many long months of campaigning, concerts and other public events, the town narrowly missed out in the bid to become the UK’s City of Culture 2021. The mood (which had been electric all night) throughout halls, pubs and homes sank quicker than you could say one word: Coventry. However, the deflation that spread through the town only

Sally Magnusson discusses her successful debut novel- The Sealwoman's Gift

Life is made up of collective experiences that shapes who we are and, in fact, stories are what we have to comfort us when we are down, to inspire us when we are struggling, and to entertain us for enjoyment. We are all made of stories and veteran broadcaster Sally Magnusson uses the concept of storytelling to create a captivating debut novel. Now, the 62-year-old is swapping fact for fiction;

Sun set to rise on Ferguslie

  Ferguslie Park. An area thought to be rife with drugs, poverty, gangs and violence. Yet despite the recent SIMD reports that have declared Ferguslie Park ‘the most deprived area in Scotland’. However, members of the Community Council see a vastly different side of Feegie’ not often shown in the media. The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) is report based on the council areas in Scotland and measures the

Gonnae No Dae That – Mhairi Black Calls Out the Bigots

In 2015 Paisley and Renfrewshire south elected the youngest ever MP in the democratic history of the Houses of Parliament. At just 20 years old the young Mhairi Black, then still a student, defeated shadow Foreign Secretary, Douglas Alexander, and became the fresh young face of politics for a new generation of independence supporting Scots. Since then Mhairi has gone on to national recognition and is famed as an irreverent

In memory of Dale Winton

The relationship we have with the people on our television screens is one that can be hard to illustrate. More often than not, we don’t know them, we never have and never will meet them, they’re just there on the tele. Yet being so present on something we focus our attention on for hours at a time per day ends up meaning something. It’s why I find myself feeling some

History is Being Sewn at The Paisley Thread Mill Museum as The Tapestry of Renfrewshire is well Underway

In the eyes of tapestry stitching coordinator, Paula Reynolds, the old county of Renfrewshire is a brightly coloured portrait of many historical firsts, including the global reach of its once thriving thread industry. During the late 19th century, 98 per cent of the world’s thread was made in Paisley and the town was home to a huge repertoire of textiles – the Paisley Pattern, shawls and woven fabrics. Inspired by

Wool, Witches & World War 2

On the seventh of December 2017, Paisley lost its City of Culture bid to Coventry. Although this was disappointing to all involved in the campaign, it was not a fruitless endeavor. The people of Paisley and surrounding areas were made aware of – as Malcolm Roughead, VisitScotland Chief Executive, puts it – the “rich and fascinating creative history” the city has to offer and highlighted that although 2021 will not

American music director launches new creativity project in Paisley

An American music and video director has embarked on his latest mission by bringing together Paisley’s culture and it’s musically talented young people through a brand new music project, Paisley Music TV. Forty-six-year-old Corbin Miles from Boston, Massachusetts, started the new project last year where he began actively seeking Paisley’s most talented young musicians, inviting them to shoot music videos at some of the city’s most iconic places. Corbin said:

Irvine Welsh book signing at Braehead Waterstones

Irvine Welsh will be holding a book signing at the Waterstones within Intu Braehead on March 25th at 2pm. The author, famous for books such as Trainspotting and Filth, will be at the shopping centre for a short time to sign copies of his new book, Dead Men’s Trousers.   The event is not ticketed, so feel free to come along early, books at the ready with time to spare