Scottish Student Journalism Awards sees great success for Glasgow Clyde College

The Scottish Student Journalism Awards 2018 saw great success for Glasgow Clyde College Students, as they swept up a number of prestigious awards. The event, which was held at Glasgow’s St Andrew’s in the Square on Wednesday, June 30th, was host to more than 200 students, academics and industry professionals. The Awards, organised by the HND Media and Communication students from Glasgow Clyde College, have been running successfully for the

The future is bright for journalism as  The Pattern mag was praised by a newspaper editor!

The QTS Media Scotland and Clyde Outside journalism awards took place in a conference room on the 4th of May at a conference room at the Daily Record building. Let’s set the scene. A table at the back of the room certainly caught everyone’s attention with bottles of beer, wine and party style food like pakora . Glasgow Clyde College journalism second year students were commenced for their hard work.

Life on Pause: Waiting for Answers

I want to write about something that has occupied every space in my mind for months, but began ten or so years ago. Before I begin, a quick trigger warning; what follows is a discussion of reproductive health issues, fertility, health procedures, sexual assault and rape. It wont be an easy read, and it certainly hasn’t been easy to write, but, I feel as though it’s a opportunity to open up

Punk's Not Dead, It's Just at The Bungalow

On June 22nd 1977, The Stranglers played a show at the City Halls in Candleriggs, Glasgow which erupted in to violence when bassist and singer of the band, JJ Burnel told the councillors present to “fuck off” if they didn’t like what they saw. This prompted scores of fans to raid the stage and end up in a violent mix up with the stewards of the gig. After this, punk

Sally Magnusson discusses her successful debut novel- The Sealwoman's Gift

Life is made up of collective experiences that shapes who we are and, in fact, stories are what we have to comfort us when we are down, to inspire us when we are struggling, and to entertain us for enjoyment. We are all made of stories and veteran broadcaster Sally Magnusson uses the concept of storytelling to create a captivating debut novel. Now, the 62-year-old is swapping fact for fiction;

Sun set to rise on Ferguslie

  Ferguslie Park. An area thought to be rife with drugs, poverty, gangs and violence. Yet despite the recent SIMD reports that have declared Ferguslie Park ‘the most deprived area in Scotland’. However, members of the Community Council see a vastly different side of Feegie’ not often shown in the media. The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) is report based on the council areas in Scotland and measures the

Gonnae No Dae That – Mhairi Black Calls Out the Bigots

In 2015 Paisley and Renfrewshire south elected the youngest ever MP in the democratic history of the Houses of Parliament. At just 20 years old the young Mhairi Black, then still a student, defeated shadow Foreign Secretary, Douglas Alexander, and became the fresh young face of politics for a new generation of independence supporting Scots. Since then Mhairi has gone on to national recognition and is famed as an irreverent

Wool, Witches & World War 2

On the seventh of December 2017, Paisley lost its City of Culture bid to Coventry. Although this was disappointing to all involved in the campaign, it was not a fruitless endeavor. The people of Paisley and surrounding areas were made aware of – as Malcolm Roughead, VisitScotland Chief Executive, puts it – the “rich and fascinating creative history” the city has to offer and highlighted that although 2021 will not

The Ethereal Illustrations of Lucy Turner

About the artist:   Lucy Turner, 35, is a self-taught artist and mother of two, based in Paisley. Her works often feature surreal looking faces with large, enchanting eyes, accentuated by a beautiful, yet subtle, watercolour palette. Lucy uses a number of mediums for her art, including Winsor and Newton Watercolours, gouache paint, ink and coloured pencils. Fond of the subject at school but without any formal training, Lucy began

Mattel Unveils Tomb Raider Barbie

Since her release in 1959, Barbie has had many professions; Musician, astronaut, even a broadcast reporter. Now, she’s going to be an archaeologist and Tomb Raider. Just in time for the cinematic release of the new Tomb Raider film, doll maker Mattel has unveiled a Lara Croft Barbie based on actress Alicia Vikander. The new film follows in the footsteps of the 2013 origin story reboot game, which saw Lara