EDITOR |Sara Lovallo 

Sara is an award-winning student journalist at Glasgow Clyde College. During her career in media she hopes to explore the fields of investigative reporting, production and magazine journalism. Pizza connoisseur.  

DEPUTY EDITOR | Lauren Vallely 

Lauren is a second year journalism student and also the current deputy editor of the magazine. Lauren plans on continuing studying journalism next year at university, as long as she keeps drinking coffee. 

SUB EDITOR | Caylin O’Brien 

Caylin O’Brien is currently the Sub-Editor for the Clyde Outsider. Last year, she published a personal creative piece and it received a lot of attention from the public. In her second year, she hopes to progress even further in order to achieve her goal of studying PR and Media at university.  

HEAD OF DIGITAL | Emma Arthurs 

As Head of Digital for the Clyde Outside, Emma is hoping to put her love of all things Internet – whether it’s blogging, coding or gaming – to good use. Definitely put the gaming to good use. Her work as Head of Digital and Deputy Editor for the Clyde Insider in her first year helped garner their commendation at the SSJA Awards 2018.  


David is passionate about all things to do with rights, be it people, or non-humans, and does their best to give them a voice through their journalism. Not only covering serious topics, their love for animals, NFL, and Formula 1 keeps some feel good moments coming through their writing.

MEDIA EDITOR | Mahnoor Sohail 

Mahnoor is the Media Editor of the Clyde Outside and is a journalism student at Glasgow Clyde College. She is an aspiring broadcast journalist and has always had the drive and passion to be on television. She is hoping to get into the world of work as soon as she finishes her HND as she cannot wait any longer to fulfil her dream of becoming a reporter! 


Ryan Grant, Entertainment and Marketing Editor at Glasgow Clyde College, is a music, movies and games enthusiast, hoping to build a career in the magazine industry. His immediate goal is to improve his writing and journalistic skills and to become a professional in the field. Do not touch his hat. 


Honest uncompromising journalism has always been at the heart of Jordan’s writing from his early work with the Press and Journal to enrolment on the HND Journalism and his further writing for the Daily Record. He was inspired to follow a career in journalism by investigative journalism and the effect it had on the wider world. Post education he hopes to follow a career in investigative journalism with the eventual goal to one day take over the editorship of the Morning Star. 

HEAD OF DESIGN | Valentas Virmauskis 

Valentas Virmauskis is the head of design for Clyde Outside at Glasgow Clyde College. His enthusiasm in playing sports led the way to the creation of the college basketball team. Valentas is also interested in doing strength sports, fitness, nutrition, health, wellbeing and living mindfully. Spends most of his time in class eating, occasionally writes stories too. 


Tasha as a student journalist has gained great knowledge and skills over the past year, especially the experience of working on the Daily Record news desk when she produced a double page spread which made print. She hopes to continue her passion in news writing and explore into emerging digital platforms. 

NEWS EDITOR | Jade Donnelly  

An aspiring Journalist who has fought to have her place at Glasgow Clyde College studying for her HND Journalism.  Jade has had the honour of various features published in the Daily Record, Paisley Daily Express and Glasgow Live and is determined to make a name of for herself in the industry one day.

SPORT EDITOR | Valentina Clavell 

Valentina Servera is a Catalan journalist from Barcelona that came to the sunny Glasgow for a tan.  She is the runner up for the Colum of the year awards in the SSJA’s, and she can only talk about politics and sports. DO NOT TALK TO HER ABOUT ANYHTING ELSE.

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