Quirky things to do in Glasgow: The Craft Pottery

When you think of Glasgow, it’s unlikely your first thought is an evening of wine drinking and pottery painting. Yet, The Craft Pottery is one of Glasgow’s newest art hubs and it’s a hit with the locals. Situated in the city centre of Glasgow, The Craft Pottery is only about a ten-minute walk from Glasgow Central Station. It’s an independent and contemporary pottery and craft studio with lots on offer

The Ethereal Illustrations of Lucy Turner

About the artist:   Lucy Turner, 35, is a self-taught artist and mother of two, based in Paisley. Her works often feature surreal looking faces with large, enchanting eyes, accentuated by a beautiful, yet subtle, watercolour palette. Lucy uses a number of mediums for her art, including Winsor and Newton Watercolours, gouache paint, ink and coloured pencils. Fond of the subject at school but without any formal training, Lucy began